Wood casting furniture made from molten aluminum and charred wood , is a stunning masterpiece

Wood casting furniture

Famous Israeli designer- Hilla Shamia has released a wood casting furniture made from Molten aluminum and charred wood , through some joinery skills. He was able to create difference pieces including; stools , coffee tables, ordinary tables, and benches. The furniture are made from set pieces of aluminum that is molten into the back sides of square or rounded sawn timber wood. The molten aluminum creates some chars on the part of the wood it is poured unto, and it darkens the area to create some contrast of the dark aluminum metal. The charring effect of the aluminum will cause some splitting, and the liquid form of the molten metal can penetrate the wood to create some strong bond while it solidifies.

The flat surface of the timber wood allows the aluminum casting to settle in and this is casted into mould on the surface of the wood to form some stylish tapered legs. The production of the pieces of different furniture is quick and straight-forward, and one may not need chiseling or any other traditional joinery techniques.

The natural material in most types of wood, make them unique for making different types and forms of furniture, likewise , the numerous wood casting and hand-craftsmanship method involved in their making also make them unique and fascinating. The drying process employed in the making of wood casting furniture also involves different splits on each piece of timber , and these splits run through the surface of the furniture to create a stunning decoration. The splits on the furniture makes the piece more prominent especially with the charring effect created by the molten aluminum.

Hilla Shamia is not a new designer in the furniture business, she has created several stunning pieces  that have been showcased at numerous events across major cities of the world. Originally, the new wood casting and molten aluminum furniture were first show-cased at the 2012 edition of the Milan Design week- an exhibition that host the world famous designers from around the world. It is unclear whether the masterpiece furniture created and designed by Hilla Shamia are still available for sale , likewise there are no details given on the prices of the furniture.

If you are interested in any of Hilla Shamia’s furniture, you can simply make enquiries in one of her two physical shops where her old and new furniture works can be found. The Entratalibera shop in Milan, Italy, is one of the places where you can find Hilla Shamia’s furniture pieces at the best possible prices. Hilla Shamia also has a furniture retail shop in Jaffa, in Israel where stunning furniture pieces of different designs are displayed. Other furniture designs include the mixture of timber wood with different layers of glass, alongside several other innovative designs such as the ocean floor , have also been displayed by Hilla Shamia.

There is no limit to the creative way   through which different furniture can be made from different set pieces of glass, metals and wood, it all depends on the perspective of the designer.

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