6 Signs Your House Is Just Waiting to Be Robbed

According to FBI reports, every minute a home in America is burglarized. When you plan to decorate the house, you obviously spend lots of money. Try to understand that you also need to be attentive towards its complete safety and security. Thieves never look much beyond the opportunities that they see, and may be are ready to rob your house, making all the family members suffer.

Signs Your House Is Just Waiting to Be Robbed

Here are 6 signs your house is just waiting to be robbed and needs your immediate attention.

1. Trash barrels are out — days before pickup

If you have kept the trash cans outside the front door, and the day for trashing is Monday, this clearly indicates that you aren’t home on weekends. Beware to not leave the boxes even when they are full of garbage. It is okay if your plan is to go out for an event, just don’t make it known to everyone.

2. You’ve got a lot of big bushes

Entrances shielded by trees and shrubs or that tall privacy fences are a way to provide burglars complete cover they always need for fiddling with a lock or for force opening your doors. If your garden area is full of bushes, it is time to remove them all as everything has to be clearly visible. Thieves love to hide themselves in tall bushes. To avoid any uncertain situation, you should not have overgrown grass. Keep the garden plants look fresh and medium-sized.

3. There are windows on your garage doors

Do you have windows on your garage doors? Obviously, this is a sign that thieves can arrive as burglars are offered easy access to your home due to these doors. Survey reports have suggested that in different parts of the world, almost 70% of home invaders peek in garage windows to see if the homeowner’s car is inside. Another 9% gets in the green light and enters homes through the garage doors. So, why don’t be careful!

4. You have a cat

If you have a car or window decal signifying that you have a cat, thieves find it to be a welcoming sign. They can easily assume that this can be the entry point to your house. Don’t leave the windows open, and don’t try to allow the cats wander inside and outside during the night houses. Experts suggest that a yappy dog is best to prevent theft because they bark and make the most noises.

5. Your name is on the mailbox

Your name is on the mailbox? If so, the burglars can call to see if you are at home. It is an easy way to recognize your identity. You should not leave your name or number on the mailbox—never ever.

6. Your neighborhood is full of rental properties

Living in an area where neighborhood is full of rental properties is a sign that strangers can be around all the time. It is commonly thought that renters aren’t trustable individuals until or unless they have been verified by the police of the area. If you have neighbors who have rented the house, be very careful.

Keeping in mind the above, you can definitely avoid any of the situations when you and your house has to suffer from theft.

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