Build Your Custom Dream Modern Home with Costerion Home Builders!

Modern home builder builds custom homes from start to finish. Keep reading to find out how you can build yours today!

If you are planning to build a house, make it your home and take advantage of the opportunity to create a space that is ideally suited to your needs. After all, your NEW HOME is the place to bond with those you love and entertain new friends. The house you build should be a perfect match to the land you decide to live on. Additionally, your home needs to be environmentally friendly so that it meets the latest standards, and you will save on maintenance fees down the road.

Ready Made or Original Design

When you commit to building a home, you have lots of choices, and one important selection will be a ready-made home or something special with an original design. Be sure to check out designs, photos of the construction and the appearance of how the finished home will look. Get some expert opinions of people who have purchased a new home, both from original designs and prebuilt homes. Check discussion boards and forums for advice, tips, and information that can help you decide on the type of home to buy. Some advantages of a predesigned home is shorter investment time, and a home with tested and optimally constructed solutions for lower costs. Take advantage of the project consultancy service to determine which solutions are optimal for you.

Looking for a custom design, we can help! We can research and gather the specific requirements in terms of space, planning, and the appearance of the house tailored to your specifications. Your original design may require a plot of land with an unusual shape or size and we are happy to accommodate you in this venture. You will need an architect who understands your needs and listens to every creative detail in order to develop your dream house. While an original design can cost more than a prebuilt design, your house will be original and a space you can really relax and entertain in, and best of all – call home.

Another intermediate solution to your new home is the adapted project. “When there are many possibilities like partitioning walls, doors, and window locations along with smaller elements, customers have the option of deciding to introduce these small changes” – says Marcin Kostka, owner of the Costerion company. When selecting a premade project, always ask questions as to what extent the project can be modified. A great architect will have the answers.

Understanding Your Own Unique Needs

Create a checklist of ideas and decide on important must-haves for any new project from a premade design to a custom home. If you are working with an architect, communicate your ideas and get feedback. The size of the home will be important as you will want to take into account the number of people who will be living there. Everyone wants and needs their own space so get ideas from the expert in order to avoid costly mistakes like having an excess of rooms that makes the house more expensive to maintain. If you work from home, add that executive study to cut business expenses while create a quiet space that will inspire you to new ideas and strategies to build your career. Plan on having friends and family over for long luxurious weekends?

Consider adding guest rooms to accommodate them comfortably. Utility rooms like the laundry, pantry, and basements or sunrooms for extra entertaining space are also necessities to consider. Remember to add a recreation room to explore your creative pursuits. You ultimately want and need an original design that will allow for unlimited possibilities. Need a little more simplicity in design, a premade ready project just might be the answer for you.

Planning Your Space

When planning your space, there are some basic principles to consider. A living room and dining room should be located on the south or southwest side of your house as you want the sunlight to shine into these areas. Add the largest windows to these areas of your home to make use of solar power which will head the interior and make way for the garden. Think about this, depending on where you build your home in the world, you can potentially save up to 20% with the use of solar energy.

Other factors to consider would be to divide your house into zones. The day zone, or rooms you generally use during daytime hours, can consist of a living room, dining room, kitchen, office, guest rooms, bathrooms. Design your home so that these rooms are separate from the night zone, master bedrooms, adjoining baths, and walk-in closets. Kids rooms, family baths and play areas for the kids can also be considered part of the night zone in the home. A home gym and recreation areas are also modern conveniences in the design. Finally, there should be easy communication zones between the rooms so that members of the household can still feel connected while enjoying the space.

Getting the Right Materials

One of the most crucial aspects of building a home is to use the right materials. You want a house to last for decades, to be sturdy and of well-built construction. Think about the various possibilities available when choosing construction technology. You have choices where you can opt for ceramics, concrete, wood (including wooden beams to accentuate the home), or the most expensive materials, or use a majority of prefabricated elements which can save you money and time. The right building materials are also key to achieving optimal energy efficiency.

An environmentally efficient home will save you money time and again over selecting a home made with sub-par materials. A well built, environmentally friendly home requires less energy to heat and cool resulting in affordable energy bills and fewer headaches. Insulation materials can range from mineral wool, foamed polystyrene, or polyurethane foam. The amount of material used and the selection of the most effective in a given category is important.

You might not think of the next important consideration, but materials you use to build your home will affect the acoustics of the building. Living in a noisy environment can affect your health, so you will want to take special care and insulate your home for sound. You don’t want to be disturbed by the echos in your new home. Your quality of life in important. Well insulated rooms will create a sense of privacy and everyone in your home will appreciate the peace and quiet.

Lighting and Automation

Lighting adds a special touch and a sense of warmth to any home. Effectively illuminated elements of the house bring out the beauty and charm of the architecture creating an atmosphere to be desired. Lighting adds a special ambiance in a garden, allowing you to admire and enjoy the landscaping in the evening. It also has a special significance in keeping your home safe with lighted driveways and garages.

When designed a modern house, there are options to add smart home elements (IBMS or IIBMS). Modern building management systems can help to optimize energy consumption in the home by controlling the central heating system, air conditioning, heating elements in the floors, sprinklers, blinds, and even lighting and alarm systems. These amazing technological wonders can allow you to manage your home remotely to give a sense of added security and a feeling that you are home – even when you’re away.

Avoid Falling To Debt Trap While Furnishing Your Home With Décor

It is true that decorating a house can prove to be one challenging trap. It is no doubt one expensive proposition. Whenever you are planning to shift to a new place from one BHK apartment, you might have little furniture to just décor your 4BHK house.

Photo by M House Development

As you are one new homeowner, you might always feel tempted to use the easy credit card and purchase new furnishing items from some of the reliable furnishing stores. It will help you to decorate your house and set it just right at earliest. But, there are some effective ways in which you can decorate your house by being totally free from debt. You will learn more about the debt-free trap from now.

Need to focus at prioritization and get to choose step by step decoration

There is hardly any laws available in which you can furnish your house totally and decorate in just one go before you move right in. Furnishing your place or doing up is more or less a long term procedure and with time consuming procedure.

  • You need to relax and then slow the efforts down. You must always allow all the decorating to just take place at one relaxed pace.
  • By furnishing and decorating the house at own relaxed pace, you might end up with amazing décor and some of the furnishing ideas that you are not working under some tremendous pressure and stress, for finishing that project in one tight deadline.
  • On the other hand, by just handling one part of house at one time, you are actually giving yourself enough time to boost the savings and put in some extra in renovation project.
  • You can easily try to save some up now and make some of the bigger purchases later on. You can get the living room done first as you are likely to spend most of the non-sleeping time over here for sure.

Next stop, you have to purchase the dining room space, which will make you use up all your time, energy and resources on the current master bedroom. The bedroom is likely to be your haven of peace, where you will get down after a tiring day. So, make sure to take as much time as you can for furnishing the bedroom. Then you are all set to enjoy enough savings, for covering the rest of the rooms in your house.

You can visit the auctions and get to purchase some items from the lot

If you are designing your first house, then it is true that your budget is limited to say the least. So, it is always mandatory for you to stick right through the frugal ways of just decorating homes, just for the sake of avoiding getting into some debt, which will be ever mounting right from now on.

  • One major way in here is to purchase from auctions and then the estate sales. Whenever the family hires services of any auctioneer for just selling someone off a loved one, you might end up getting good collections at quite affordable rates.
  • Auctions can beautifully range from items, sizes, setup and the general structures. You can always define the objective of your purchase clearly.
  • It is mandatory for you to understand the points or pieces that you are actually looking for to decorate your house. It will help you to make the right choice or end up with that perfect find of yours.

You can get for the garage sales

According to some of the pros in here, Estate Sales and Garage Sales are some of the perfect places for you, where you can score some of the cheaper home decor and furnishing items. But, you might end up with some items, which are considered rare to say the least.

For that, you have to know from where you can get it and try to get in there as early as possible to jut have any chance of just sorting the proper stuff in here. All you need to do is just allow the GPS of your smartphone to guide you through and help you settle for the location. This is on great way for you to enjoy some of the perks of technology!

Work on the Hands Me Down

There are so many hands me down or secondary furnishing items which you can try to save some bucks in order to complete home décor and go debt free in nature. But for selecting such furniture, you have to be a bit choosey.

  • As news have already spread of you shifting to a new place an you are looking for some home décor stuff, the parents, coworkers and even some of the casual acquaintances might wish to offer you with some of the old furnishing pieces as love of good gesture and love.
  • Most of the people you might know will work hard in extending their love in order to assist you in furnishing the new house. You might end up accepting someone’s furniture only after you get to answer certain questions regarding the furnishing pieces.
  • You need to see if the furnishing items are rather in a good condition or not. Moreover, you have to prove if the furnishing items are likely to be cohesive in nature and fit the style you are going for. Another major question is to check if you have any precise place in your home where you can keep the furnishing items you are planning to move in.

If you actually hesitate and even falter while responding any of the questions or queries that you have in your mind, it is always best to look for some other homes, from where you get to purchase furnishing pieces. On the other hand, you should not hesitate to get furnishing pieces from relatives and friends free of cost. It is one great way to save your money and be debt-free while decorating your house. Better help is always for you now.

Ancient Home Decor Tips That Are Making A Come Back In Architecture In 2019

With each passing year, we see a stir in the field of architecture and designs – 2019 is no exemption. As the trend of ecofriendly and smart homes is increasing rapidly, designers are producing limitless designs keeping in view the demand!

Photo: Architectural Digest

It is rightly said by the experts that ‘old is the new new’. The ancient home designs are making a comeback this year. It is the right time to shift your direction from the repeated patterns to utilizing the old trends through some real innovation.

Here are some valuable tips that you should keep in mind for architecture in 2019:

Utilizing Sustainable Architecture

You must have observed that during old times the houses involved those materials that were sustainable. The focus was not entirely on the designs or style of homes, rather it was equally towards the sustainability of the built architecture. This trend is coming back this year; it does not mean that we will not be able to see stylish and modern home decors, rather we will have both – sustainable architecture along with modern designs.

It is not a big deal to incorporate ecofriendly materials into architecture designs. For that purpose, those elements can be utilized that are made of recycled products; for instance, concrete glass, metals and bricks can be good options. Efficient appliances will help you out towards sustainable architecture.

Open-Space Designs

One of the most significant ancient home décor style involves spacious designs. This trend is going nowhere for this year; even designers are exploring ways to assist people in order to have open space designs. For that purpose you need to do some changes in your home décor, like shifting the levels of your floors and opting for clever lighting techniques.

Frame Houses are Back

A-Frame houses are becoming trendy again, and you will be surprised by the modern yet classy look they have to offer. These houses involve the outclass designs of 60s and 70s. Designers suggest using other techniques in order to add value; for example, front porches, amazing floor to ceiling windows and updated furniture patterns.

Surprisingly, A-frame homes cost comparatively lesser in price. When it comes to the environmental impact, they have no significant negative impacts. Besides they give a unique and exceptional look in your neighborhood.

Try Power Tools

Changing your home décor patterns may require the use of some power tools. Obviously, when you decide to change the look of your home, the process will require some equipment that you don’t already have. You can use cordless drills that come in handy for drilling a hole and are definitely more faster, easier and effective than a screwdriver. You can rent out any equipment that you need and return it once you are done.

Use Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles are emerging as the latest trend for home décor. In past times, people have used large solar panels; this trend is coming back but with a lot of innovation and technology. Using roof tiles is energy efficient and cost effective. Go for those designs that match with your roof texture. Such décor will definitely add towards sustainable environment.

It is not wrong to say that the designs offered by the experts for home décor this year are absolutely splendid. The ancient home décor tips are a great if they are blended with innovation and technology.

Antique, Fireplaces and Claw Foot Tub

Whenever you decide to change your home décor, do not forget to add these three things. Antiques, fireplaces and claw foot tubs had a great significance in ancient home décor styles and it would be amazing to have these places in your home too. These are somethings that never go out of style.

Talking about antiques, a well-decorated room must have antiques. Yet choose your antiques carefully and make sure they go well with the overall décor of the room. A home looks perfect when it has the things of past as well as present. Placement of antiques in the room is equally important.

As far as fire places are concerned, they are no less than a focal point of your room. Fireplaces never go out of style; they used to be very significant in past times and still carry great importance. Lastly, when you decide to do some stylish home décor, never exclude claw foot tubs; they were in fashion in 18th century and still give a wonderful look to the overall appearance of your toilet.

Stick to Minimalism

Remember that clutter has never been in fashion; it does not matter what kind of home décor you go for, just remember less is easy while more is messy. Like old times, the fashion of less furniture is back in trend.

Solar Energy Was Big In 2017

Find out why solar panels are one of the best ways to save energy and what’s new for the future of solar energy.

Photo: Grady o Grady Construction and Developement Inc.

One of the great goals of today’s civilization is to achieve energy independence from fossil fuels. Many strides have been made in this aim, both in transportation and in energy production so far. Renewable sources of energy like solar and wind energy are being harnessed and countries around the world have successfully operated solely or largely on the energy produced by those sources of energy, including the latest report from Scotland.

However, those news all come from large industrial-scale complexes and national energy corporations. If you as an individual want to take part in the energy revolution, there are companies such as which offer home sized solar solutions. You can not only reduce your electricity bill by a significant margin, you can also help save the planet, and the tax rebates you will be entitled to are just an added benefit.

So, what is the state of solar energy in the world?

Photo: Eric A Chase Architecture

Solar Is Still Far From Dominant

Despite everything we hear about the great strides that solar energy is making in the world, it still only contributes 0.7% of the world’s energy needs. That is not to say that the solar power is not viable, but the amount of energy the world consumes each year is a staggering 22,000 terawatt/hours of energy.

Even though it may seem like the attempt to make solar energy more prevalent isn’t particularly successful, the growth rate of solar energy speaks to the contrary.

This year alone, almost a 100 GW of new solar capacities have been added to the world’s electricity production. This number doesn’t mean much until you learn that the total solar capacity of the world is now at around 400 GW, meaning that solar has increased by 25% this year alone.

Photo: Chiemgauer Holzhaus

Projections for the Future

It is tricky to speculate about the future of solar energy, but if the growth continues at this rate, as early as 2030 we can expect to see solar energy as the primary source of electricity. Even if the progress slows down as it was projected to, it is expected that the amount of energy produced by solar energy is going to double every two to three years.

Even today, solar energy plants have exceeded the capacity of nuclear power plants. However, solar energy has a disadvantage because it only works during the day and its capacity is reduced during the cloudy days. That means that the realistic output of nuclear power plants is still higher than solar, but with the growth of solar energy, that is slowly changing.

Photo: Montana Rockworks Inc.

Who’s Leading the Pack?

Contrary to the engrained belief, China is the leader in the installation of solar power facilities. In fact, out of the 100 GW of new solar panels, almost 53 GW were installed in China alone. The USA’s 12 GW is dwarfed in comparison. One of the most recent participants in this energy revolution is Turkey with almost 2 GW. It may sound insignificant at first, but once you realize that this puts Turkey in the leading position in Europe, that tells a lot.

What Do Individual Solar Panels Mean

In the great scheme of changing the landscape of energy production, installing individual solar panels isn’t going to change much. However, there are many advantages on the individual level which you can exploit.

The first and foremost advantage is the reduction of the cost of electricity. During the peak hours, you can even produce more energy than you can spend, so you can actually feed the energy into the grid and get paid to do so. Most parts of the USA provide some incentives and tax rebates to people who install solar panels, and California is no exception. You can learn more about the advantages of installing solar panels in California from Action Solar.

5 Types of Steel Buildings Built to Purpose

Steel buildings are more economical than you would imagine because they are built usually from prefab parts. More durable than wood and better able to withstand varied weather conditions, steel buildings have come a long way from their early beginnings.

Photo: Laura Putnam


To give you some idea about how steel-based structures can be used for many different building types, here are a few examples.


For farmers, the traditional wooden building to store hay and as a place to house some of the livestock is becoming a thing of the past. The durability and predictable build quality of steel structures that can be erected in record time provides an affordable option. There is also far less risk of fire damage than with a wooden building, so the produce and livestock are much better protected too. If you install clear ceiling panels your steel building could also double as a luxury greenhouse.


Places of worship are traditionally brick buildings, but that’s not always convenient for either the location or the surrounding area. Whether due to lower costs, risk of variable weather conditions including occasional hurricane damage or the inability to find a suitable building, metal buildings like the ones created by Armstrong Steel solve a need for church leaders and parishioners who want a place to worship that’s close by. There are tons of steel building decorating ideas on the net, where you can make this cold steel structure look and feel like a real building!


Warehouses are quite often built using prefab steel sections to put up a new storage or functional warehouse facility quickly in a new area. The expandability of steel structures to extend the width or length as needed, assuming sufficient available land area to expand into, offers a flexible option to use later as the business expands and its warehousing needs grow with it.

The interior of a steel structure is also highly adaptable, essentially beginning as an empty shell, so a company is not dealing with an old building with many small offices that gets in the way of their intended floor plan. With a steel building, the business is free to produce an interior floor plan that matches their operational needs specifically to maximize both available space and efficiency.

Parks/Recreation Areas

Many parks often use steel structures to put small buildings in place for specific purposes. In some cases, this is a restroom facility or a secure lock-up for equipment that staff use during the daytime to take care of the gardening, maintenance and other duties. It’s also possible that even smaller open structures get created for park visitors to use when seeking cover from sudden downpours.

Storage Units

Storage facilities are an obvious choice for steel structures because they need to use the steel building systems that support a variety of differently sized storage containers, some locker size and others which could store an automobile or more. Beginning with a strong steel structure provides the basis for security and protection from the elements which leaves the storage company free to develop the interior to match their particular needs.

There are very few types of buildings that wouldn’t benefit from using a steel structure. It’s fast to erect, convenient, affordable and with fewer maintenance issues.