Secrets to Leave Your Visitors Dying to Know Your Interior Decor Ideas

Every one of us dreams of leaving the visitors dying to know the interior decoration ideas. Am I right? The concept of interior designing has always intimidated and daunted many individuals.

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Think of your mood and then bring changes to the overall beauty of the house. Many people are less creative, and they don’t know much about how to make their homes look marvelous. You should permit yourself to remember these secrets to leave your visitors dying to know your interior decoration ideas.

Utilize Vast Array of Textures

It is an important and must to remember element of home design. Utilization of vast array of textures and patterns is of great significance. This can make your home look attractive and eye catching. For maximum visual interest, be in budget and bring forth some ideas which are out of the world, making you feel proud of your home sweet home. This is certainly going to make the guests feel that they are in a house which is present only in dreamy movies or is a place where royal families spend their time.

Combination of Colors

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The perfect combination of light and dark colors can bring revolution. Light colors, I believe, are the best choice if you are to deal with small space. For those with spacious houses, dark shaded and colorful items bring lots of variety. Keep the wall paints of light colors with furniture adjusted of dark colors. This can surely bring difference and will make you happy.

Remove Clutters

While doing home decoration, don’t forget to remove clutters as this is going to ruin the home’s beauty. Too much furniture or accessories are of no use. These, instead, ruin the look of a small area. Even when your rooms are bigger and spacious, the things have to be organized well and there should be nothing which creates bad impression.

Keep up with Latest Trends

Photo: Z Gallerie

This beautifully decorated apartment features my all-time decor favorites: banana leaf print, hide rugs, mirrored furniture, and metallic gold touches!

Keeping up with latest trends is of great significance. When working with your home decoration, you should not choose classic or old styles; I rather prefer to choose the most trendy and modern styles so that your home looks fabulous. There are a lot of ways to open the doors of a great interior designing package for yourself. The best of them is to check out the design magazines so that maximum inspiration can be obtained.

Reflective Flooring

These days there is much trend of reflective flooring. This helps increase the natural light in the rooms. White tile flooring is also a good idea. Both reflective flooring and white tile flooring are two good examples of hardwood flooring which you can choose to develop your designing ideas. This usually suits the living areas or the garages.

Staying motivated is of great significance. Make sure that whatever you create has not been copied from the interior designs of someone else. Be unique and this will pave your ways toward being the owner of a lovely and pretty house. So, are you ready to make the dreams come true?

How to Sell Your Home Easily

Do you want to know how to sell your home easily? Those who have plans to shift to a new home must be worried to find the right buyer. Am I right? Whether you live in snowfall areas or the parts of the world where the sun shines with its full brightness, a home without necessary facilities is too difficult to sell.

How to Sell Your Home Easily

Many people believe it’s tougher to sell the homes during winters. There are certainly many benefits of it if you are lucky enough to find a suitable broker.

How to Sell Your Home Easily

Remember the following things that can be of help to sell your home easily.

Start with the Exterior

Any time of the year, your home should look well furnished and beautifully maintained. Take good care of both interior and exterior. Be informed that when an interested buyer approaches you, he will certainly enter the home and will take a look at the exterior. Repair the tools places in garage. Take care of your garden area and backyard. Not only this but also eavestroughs cleaning and minor repairs are to be done. The exterior of the home should be painted with bright, fresh colors to leave a good impression.

Tend to Foliage

Keep an eye that the shrubs and tree-branches bent down with snow aren’t obstructing the walkways or entrances. If you live in cold climate, it is mandatory to brush the snow off every day. ensure that the walkway looks clean and beautiful. Imagine if someone has entered your house and slipped due to poorly maintained walkway. I am sure you don’t want to let that happen, so be careful and tend to foliage.

Make a Good First Impression

They say ‘first impression is the last impression’. Bearing this in mind, you need to have spent half an hour in cleaning the exteriors of the house before a prospective buyer enters the front-door. The things have to be well-organized. Make your first impression so much effective that an instant purchase is made sure from the buyer’s side.

Light Candles

Romance visitors’ senses with the help of bright colors and light candles. Bring home fragrant candles and place in the main rooms especially the living area. Make your visitors feel honored with this trick.

Protect the Floors

The protection of floors is what you need to pay attention to. They should look clean, and shiny. To make it possible, you can put down rubber mats by the door for snowy boots. Bring home some comfy one-size-fits-all slippers so that the visitors can wear them to view your home.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Kitchen is the most important and busiest part of the house, its also a good indicator that will sell your house quickly. It requires daily maintenance. Keep it clean when you hear the news that a visitor is just approaching. He/she will obviously be in your kitchen to see how well-maintained and beautiful it is. Pay much attention to its cleanliness and the organization of the utensils so that the first impression is positive.

At the end I would like to say that if you have a wood-burning fireplace, light a fire and allow it to glow during the winter nights. This will make the overall environment relaxing and colorful. To add value, bring home flowers and arrange them in different rooms.

The Mentogou – A revolutionary Gemstone Eco Valley in China

The Mentogou – A  revolutionary and out-of-this-world Gemstone Eco Valley in China

The “Mentogou” is definitely something you have never seen in your life, and it is simply breath-taking. Located right in the Miaofeng mountainous area, and some 30km west of Beijing. The Mentogou  has been slated to be regarded as the new Chinese Ecological Silicon valley . The close proximity of this valley to the heart of Beijing city even makes it closer to the Chinese people who hve seen Beijing as one of the cities with the most challenging city-pollution in the world.  The new city of Mentogou will accommodate a number of modern facilities , including some research institutes for modern technological advancement.

The new Mentogou will make an eco-efficient little town for living. What makes the new eco-friendly firm more unique is the fact that the master-plan was drawn  by the famous tech company-Eriksson, a Finnish firm , and the classy Architects from Eriksson hope to work in conjunction with Ecological experts from the Eero Paloheimo Eco City Limited to create one of the best little Eco0friendly town in the world .

One of the main objectives of creating the Mentogou is to achieve a very minimal reliance on Carbon, therefore the designers will create something with utmost respect for the environment. The architects also hope to create better water and energy conservation, thereby creating something unique from renewable energy.  According to some experts, the Mentogou offers China the best suitable starting point to tackle its environmental pollution challenges.

Employees and visitors to the Mentogou will enjoy some high-grade amenities, and one of the aims of creating the Mentogou is to reduce its environmental impact in the nearest future by replicating even smaller size cities.  The Mentogou is a 100sq. km mini city that can conveniently accommodate up to 9 research institutes, a city center as well as a number of companies alongside some residential villages that can accommodate up to 50,000 people. The valley will have its own public transportation, while the siting of buildings will be based on the natural topography of the valley. Some of the plans on the valley will include the production of facilities for water recycling, as well as the re-cycling of the valley’s wastes for boosting Agriculture and several other sustainable projects.

The designers of Mentogou have declared that key lessons have been learnt from other Eco-friendly cities like Huangbaiyu, Dong Tan and Masdar, and the aim is to ensure that Mentogou exceeds the sustainability of these projects . The developers of this city will ensure that housing and jobs are well planned and executed around the city while renewable energy is provided.  Neutralization of carbon emissions is one of the most important objective of creating the Mentogou, so also in the reduction in reliance on non-natural renewable energy.

The Mentogou project is awaiting the final approval from the Chinese authorities, once this stage has been overcome, the developers will start soliciting for funds from selected partners and the project will kick-start as soon as possible.

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The Most Stylish Houses of This Year

Top 10 houses in 2015

The old and conventional ways of building houses are fast disappearing and revamped green farm houses are springing up in every parts of the world. Here are some of the best top 10 houses  for this year::

The Hilltop traditional courtyard

This is a secluded building that has an elevated position like that of a lookout tower. The building comes with clean volumes with curved recess and partial arch that leads into a living room. This house is one of the best innovative designs in modern times and will definitely remain relevant for a very long time.


The dyed façade wooden house

If you prefer façade houses with glazed doors, then the dyed façade building can be the most suitable house in your rural location. This building comes with identically proportioned apartments with each room door opening into a wonderful landscape. Each room in this building is also connected to another adjacent to it.


The picturesque Alpine building

One of the most fascinating buildings in the snowy environment is the Picturesque Alpine building. The concrete footing  on the hillside building is built from the local Pine and Spruce materials. The wooden structure is simple and rough.


The 3-meters wide Imai house in Asia

This house is quite comfortable even though it is 3-meter wide. There are no spaces for corridors, but the interior has some quietly arranged rooms that creates some ample spaces.


The cat-hill barn house

The 18th century barn house has been rejuvenated and re-styled to meet the modern contemporary setting. With re-adjustments to the internal structure, the  cat-hill barn house is made up of oak trusses, and exposed bricks with a concrete floor and stone fire place.


The tribe studio renovated house

The tribe studio renovated house is one of the best top 10 houses in 2015. It features an atrium that allows residents to pull their bicycles out of view. The house provides a sneaky view of of several suspended cycles.


The Bunker pavilion residence

The bunker pavilion house reminds one of a war-time bunker, however this stylish house has a stark interior with some 9-square meter room. It is perfect for an holiday time.


The infinite house

This is an amazing house with great view. It features some “acropolis stone” architecture, with some expansive roof terrace, and an integrated swimming pool. This house is designed from Travertine stones , making it more stylish in design.


The Jellyfish house

The jelly fish is a fascinating fish and having a concrete residence in a jellyfish structure will definitely be stunning and incredible. The jellyfish house is made up of a concrete structure and at the roof is a wonderful swimming pool, that can be seen from the underneath through a glass floor.


The tree-roof house

The tree-roof house is one of the best top 10 houses in 2015 and this house would not have come at a better time than the present moment when everyone is going green. The house is made up of concrete boxes, with trees growing on its roof. This house offers a tropical feel within a city.Contemporary House Designs travertine-house-8Swimming-solar-tree-homeThe-Imai-House-2The-Maiden-Tower-Marte-Marte-Architekten-1-537x402solar-tree-homemodern-underground-house-home-villa-pavilion-design-4-510x340imagesimages (1)images (1)images (1)

Bjarke Ingel’s public square which is to be built for Battersea power station has been revealed

images (8)BIGs-public-square-for-Battersea-Power-Station-unveiled_dezeen_784images (7)images (6)images (4)images (4)images (4) images (3)images (3)images (7)

The competition for the design of a new modern public square at the Battersea power station has ended and the winning bid has been revealed. Known as the Malaysian square, this square will form part of the £ 8 billion redevelopment strategy proposed by the Battersea power station managers and it is expected to feature a fountain that has a flower shape, and several bridges linked together.

One of the key components of the Battersea power station has been awarded to Danish architect- Bjarke Ingel, and his part of the design will cover some 17 hectares, according to London Mayor. The space to be designed by Bjarke Ingel will link the pedestrian region of high street through the Electric Boulevard with some other key landmarks.  New images of the new design released, show that it will be a two-level canyon, and will inter-connect with several bridges and stairways that are inspired by some Malaysian landscapes.

Materials that will be used in perfecting the new structures will include Limestone, marble, sandstone and Granite.  The space within the structure will be guided by Dolomite striations and other components that will be included include; amphitheater that has a five-petal fountain which reminds one of the typical Malaysian hibiscus flower. The new structure will be located right at the foot of the famous Battersea icon, and the new shape has been inspired by numerous human flows that create some stunning cascading shape into the streets.

The new project by Bjarke Ingel is seen as a  cultural expression of sort,  it shows clearly the bias the architect has for Malaysian beauty. The project has also revealed that landscape, architecture and  urbanization can be fused together to create the most stunning structures. The new Malaysian design has complimented London’s industrial heritage to a certain degree, and it is believed that the project will open up new opportunities , especially in the creating of several housing projects.

The project being handled by the famous Danish architectural firm- BIG is expected to change completely, the outlook of Miscellaneous street in London,  there will be new bright coloured carpets  of grass alongside brightly coloured  seats in and around adjoining parks. The BIG architects are also considering making use of different diagrams as tools in accomplishing the new big task ahead.

The Battersea council has witnessed tremendous developments over the years , however the new developments are coming at a cost , most especially with expensive properties springing up in nearby areas. Many experts are of the opinion that the new Canyons on Battersea are obstructing  some views around the landmark, while others seem to be discontent with the proposed high street pedestrian bridge , which they see as unnecessary. There are several criticisms that has greeted the newly proposed structures and it appears as if the Battersea council authorities will have their hands full when the proposed structures finally get underway . The Battersea council believe that the new public square will transform the entire region into a paradise of sort.