Rent this Modern Vacation Home in Seagrove Beach

Do you want to experience the most beautiful getaway in Florida? Take a look at this gorgeous home in SeaGrove Beach. It may be just what you’re looking for!

Form follows function, a principle that is especially true at this modern beach home in Seagrove Beach, Florida.  Purposely built to enhance time by the shore, this newly constructed dwelling utilizes intelligent design to enhance vacations for visiting guests. Yes, this modern home know as Day Dreamer is available for rent!

Living Space

This home seamlessly blends sophisticated contemporary styling with fashionable Vintage Mid Century Modern detailing, which is highlighted by Pop Art and vibrant abstract accouterments. The main open living area has a wall of windows overlooking a sunny pool patio. It features au courant seating that includes a pastel blue couch and twin dove gray accent chairs ensembled around a rug patterned on a magnified tropical leaf.

A long sleek black rectangular gas fireplace with a wide opening and an indented space above it containing an extra wide wall mounted TV is accented by a blonde hardwood surfaced wall. Light misty gray tiled flooring flows into the dining area with a table and eight sculpted white plastic chairs showcasing a classic modern look. Nearby a gleaming cream colored kitchen island with a hidden sink sits beneath three suspended vintage bulb lighted globes and includes tucked away stool seating. Brushed stainless steel appliances and white surfaced cabinetry are highlighted by a wall of bright white subway tile.

The Pool

A sparkling pool has chairs for lounging at one end and an open cabana at the other. Two flutes of water spill gently into the pool evoking a lovely sense of serenity. The cabana includes wraparound seating, a stainless steel gas grill, built-in bench seating with a table, a Wet Bar and a convenient bathroom.

The Master Suite

The spacious Master Bedroom has a king sized bed with a striking zigzag patterned spread in black and white. An urbane contemporarily styled couch provides seating and faces a wall-mounted TV for entertainment. The private luxury bath has a long white interconnected rectangular sink with separate faucets at each end. A unique Shower Room has slate gray tiled walls, a frosted window for light and an entire wall of glass for its entry. A large raised white soaking tub within sits beside two rain head showers.

Guest Rooms

Two Guest Suites are on the first-floor level while a stylish modern open staircase leads to the Master Bedroom and other guest quarters upstairs. The hallway connecting them includes a Wet Bar for favorite drinks. An adjoining second-floor balcony that overlooks the pool has a spiral staircase that soars up to an open rooftop sundeck with a fire pit. Six high backed light blue bean bag inspired chairs surround it for comfortable mod seating.

The Locale

This home is on Northwest Florida’s dazzling Emerald Coast, which features jewel-toned gulf waters and sugary white sand beaches. It’s sited in Seagrove Beach on famed Scenic 30A and is 150 yards from the shimmering shore centered in a world of idyllic living with restaurants, bars, galleries, concerts and seasonal festivals nearby.

What is a Quonset Structure and Why Is it A Great Choice of Building Material?

 For anybody interested in alternative architecture or for someone who wants a practical, durable solution for their building needs, Quonset structures can be an exciting and reasonable option. With many surprising advantages, Quonset structures can have a lot to offer for anyone who is thinking about starting a new building project. There are many reasons you should consider choosing Quonset as your structure of choice. 

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What Quonset Structures Are

Quonset huts are structures made of corrugated metal. Originally used during World War II, they can be found today in use as bases for a wide variety of structures, from storage solutions to cozy homes. A great option to use for all kinds of building projects, they have a unique appearance and can come with a long list of great traits that can help set them apart from more traditional building materials.


One of the best traits of Quonset structures can be their durability. Quonset huts are incredibly sturdy and can withstand high-velocity winds and extreme weather. This can make them a great option for anyone who lives in an area that may experience hurricanes or other natural disasters. You can use a Quonset shed as a safe storage place for vehicles, trailers, or even boats to keep them safe from wind, rain, sun, and snow. Since they are made of metal, Quonset structures are naturally weatherproof and don’t need to be painted or maintained as much as wood or other materials.

Low Impact 

Another great benefit of Quonset structures is their low impact on the environment. A good option for anybody who wants to create an environmentally friendly home, they can be well insulated, which helps to reduce power consumed with heating and air conditioning. The Quonset material itself is also completely recyclable. When your Quonset structure is no longer in use it can be repurposed and reused. These features can help you to feel good about choosing Quonset as a sustainable option for your building needs.   

Ease of Construction

If building a DIY home is an appealing idea but you don’t have a lot of prior experience with constructing a building, then a Quonset hut home could be the perfect option for you. Quonset homes or sheds can be relatively easy to put together while still being sturdy. Quonset structures can also be highly customizable, so you can get the layout you want while still being able to put it together in a kit form.

While options can vary depending on where you get your Quonset, you should find there are a lot of choices that can work for your specific project. Less time consuming than many other construction projects, building a Quonset home can be a fun way to develop your own building abilities and get great results. Whether you’re planning on setting up your home on your own or with a group, Quonset projects can be a great choice for almost any skill level.


In addition to being very reliable structures, Quonset homes are incredibly versatile. Considering how sturdy and durable they can be, Quonset structures are also surprisingly portable and can be moved from one location to another while staying intact. Another aspect of their versatility can be the fact that you can use them for so many different types of projects. From simple yet effective sheds to entire custom homes made from Quonset huts, there are a lot of ways you can use them to make your life easier.

Steelmaster Buildings in different sizes and styles that can be well suited for different kinds of projects. If you’re interested in how you can turn a Quonset hut into an adorable and comfortable home you should find that there are a lot of ideas and inspiration available online.

Building With Quonset

Quonset structures can be durable, environmentally friendly, and versatile. All of these traits combined with the ease with which you can set them up can make them a great choice for almost any building project. If you’re thinking about constructing a shed or even building your own home, then Quonset should definitely be on your list of options. You should find that it has a lot to offer and is reliable enough to last for many years to come.

Lighting in a Jar: Unique Lighting Solution

If anything sets the tone of a space, it’s lighting. The shape of the shell that lightens up the house, even in the absence of a shell, the temperature of the light and its intensity brightens it up.

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And when your lighting complements the purpose and the furniture of the space, you are all set to enjoy a coherent theme and atmosphere that it provides. If you are a fan of unique, quirky, and exceedingly cheap lighting solutions, you are in for a treat. Usually, when you encounter lighting with intriguing design and functionality, you are forced to pay through the nose, just for daring to thread outside the established design path. But not this time!

Stand Out from the Crowd

If you have paid attention to lighting at your friends’ or your family’s homes, you must have noticed that almost everyone has the same sterile, oblong or square lighting shell, which offers no atmosphere to the space it lights up. It’s just functional. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to have utilitarian spaces, like a garage, storage room, or a toolshed, it would be far more appropriate and cost-effective to also procure a unique lighting solution.

Jam Jar Lights

Yes, the same container that you use for delicious jams, honey, chocolate cream, pickles or peppers, can be used to house a light bulb. What a clever DIY project! Such hardened glass shell offers a robust protection for the light bulb, while also preventing insects from settling themselves inside the lighting shell. You might think that it would be easy to make this by yourself, but you would be wrong. After all, you have to ensure that there is a tight seal for the wire attached to the light bulb, in addition to the connected ceiling fixture.

Jam jar lights from Spares2You offer a complete package, without any further fiddling necessary. They come in different designs and sizes, perfectly fitting a steampunk theme of a space. Moreover, jam jar lights are amenable to further unique touches as you can easily paint the jar with a specific colour pattern or just splash it with paint entirely. They can also serve as both indoor and outdoor lights. For instance, just imagine a differently coloured jam jar light adorning your patio, garden shed or garden flower area. Instead of installing fragile, naked light bulbs for those areas, as people tend to do, jam jar lights protect light bulbs from all the nature’s elements.

Parting Thoughts

Unique lighting solutions don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In particular, always look for non-mainstream, more specialised shopping spaces, like the Spares2You, in order to find something interesting and compelling. In addition to finding uncommon items, you also end up on saving money.

How Modern Architecture Affects Office Behaviour

One of the biggest areas of workplace research over the past couple of decades focusing on how architecture and office design affects employee behaviour! Keep reading to find out how!

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In the age of startups, growth hacking and the endless pursuit of maximum productivity, the psychological impact of architecture and interior design has become synonymous with modern offices. According to Haworth research, “architecture, interior design and furnishings provide a tangible way to support – or even change – the culture of an organisation” and there are thousands of other papers providing similar conclusions. More importantly, the world’s biggest brands are conducting their own research projects by redesigning their workspaces and building own work culture from the foundations up.

The influence of architecture and design upon behaviour

The idea that architecture and design impact human behaviour is nothing new. In 1924, Winston Churchill said: “There is no doubt whatever about the influence of architecture and structure upon human character and action. We make our buildings and afterwards they make us. They regulate the course of our lives.”

For centuries before this statement, architectural design had been used in churches, workhouses, prisons and government buildings to elicit certain moods and behaviours among the general public.

For modern businesses, the same philosophy is being used to create workspaces that inspire and empower people to do their jobs more effectively. Research has found natural light can help patients recover in hospital, children perform better in school and employees feel better about doing their job.

In many cases, it’s the small details that collectively make the biggest impact:

  • Natural lighting
  • Plants
  • Temperature control
  • Soundproofing
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Colour psychology
  • Use of materials
  • Tidiness
  • Sense of space

All of the winners of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2016 Library Building Awards demonstrated an understanding of how using light, space and materials can drastically impact the way people behave in a public space.

Designing spaces for diverse people

There’s a lot to learn from the best designs of public spaces because they come with a lot of the same challenges involved with designing a workplace. You’re not designing a home for a bunch of like-minded people; you’re designing a space for a team of diverse individuals and trying to bring them together into a like-minded professional state.

As UK office design agency Office Principles puts it:

“The workplace is a very different place now than it was a few years ago. Not only in the profound effect that technology has had directly on the way that businesses are run – remote working, file sharing, virtual meeting rooms for example – but also in the demographic of a modern office. We now have a work force that spans four generations, and the influence of women in both running a company and consuming has never been higher.”

It’s not only the business environment that’s more dynamic than ever but also the workforces behind modern companies that are more diverse – and office designs need to cater for this. Open, creative and inclusive workspaces are a crucial part of bringing these diverse people together but individuals also need spaces to work by themselves when they have private tasks to complete.

Modern office designs provide a diverse range of working environments – such as formal meeting rooms, informal meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, private working booths, recreational spaces and client meeting rooms – to meet the needs of a diverse workforce as their professional requirements change throughout the day.

There’s no shortage of research into how architecture affects office behaviour, which means there’s no excuse for modern businesses to overlook the impact of office design upon their staff. On one side of the spectrum, there’s the use of design elements to reduce stress, create an inclusive environment and boost office morale.

At the other, you have design strategies that make it easier for staff to do their jobs and provide a variety of workspaces that help boost productivity across a wide range of tasks. Tackle office design from both of these angles and you should end up with a happier workforce that naturally gets more done and takes your business to the next level.

How to Carry Your Home Design Concept from Interior to Exterior

Make your home’s decorating flow seamlessly from your interior’s to your exteriors. Here are some designer tips that really do work!

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If you’ve recently invested time and money into re-designing the interior of your home, then there is no doubt that you’re enjoying the results. A newly designed home that reflects your lifestyle and personality helps to create a real sense of belonging and uniqueness in your home. While plenty of attention is paid to a home’s interior, the outdoor space is often seen as an after-thought rather than an opportunity to carry on with your design vision.

Rather than stop at the interior, why not look for ways to take your home design concept from interior to exterior and create a complete space that fits all your needs and wants. Here are some ways you’ll be able to create that design flow from indoors to outdoors.

Mimic the Same Types of Materials

One tip is to mimic the same types of materials both indoors and outdoors. Take, for example, counter surfaces. If you have used a lot of natural stone in the interior of your home in the kitchen and bathrooms, then why not create that same look outdoors.

Natural stone veneer from Kafka Granite can be the perfect way to create show-stopping landscaping details, walkways, and pathways. You can use the same color scheme as the indoors, so it won’t feel jarring as you move through the house into the yard.

Build a Patio, Porch, or Deck That Acts as Living Area

Another way to help create flow is to build a deck, patio, or porch that acts as outdoor living space. The idea is that you create the same sort of comfortable and welcoming area for entertaining and relaxing outdoors as exists indoors. The area doesn’t have to be massive; it just needs a designated space for seating.

Stick with the Same Color Palette

While you may be tempted to go for something bold and wild in your outdoor space, if this isn’t the same color palette as the interior of your home, it won’t feel connected. Ideally, you want to stick to the same color palette and just use various tones and depths to create interest and drama.

Install Glass Doors to the Outdoors

You also want to make the outdoors feel accessible. Nothing is more welcoming than large glass doors. Let’s face it, they invite you out there since you’re getting a full view of the backyard at all times. Perhaps you already have glass doors, but they are on the small side. You can make a pretty big impact by enlarging the size of the doors and creating a grander entrance/exit.

Design Flow Doesn’t Need to Stop at the Outdoors

When creating a design flow through your house, there is no reason that the outside walls should act as barriers. Instead, look for ways you can carry that same design style and vision throughout the exterior and really perfect that indoor-outdoor style of living that is so very popular.