How To Design The Perfect Home Office

Are you decorating your home office? Here are some decorating ideas that will make you productive and stylish!

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Everyone has some need for a home office. This might be because you work from home every day, because you occasionally telecommute, or just because you like to have a space where you can pay bills and do household admin. Whatever your reason for having a home office, it needs to be comfortable and specific to your needs so that you can be as productive as possible. Here are some things to think about when you’re setting up your home office.

The Location

It’s likely that you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office space, especially if you always work from home. Therefore, you need to work out the best place to have your office that is going to help you the most. Consider the other people in your home and how you will need to work around them (don’t use a room where other people can disturb you, for example, or somewhere that is used as a thoroughfare by lots of people – unless a busy atmosphere is how you work best, of course). It should also be somewhere that is big enough for you to be comfortable in. It may seem as though tucking yourself into a small spare bedroom or understairs space is a good idea, but when you can’t function there you’ll need to think again. Or course, it may be that your home office isn’t even in your actual home! Many people today are on the road using RVs and so their home office is in the RV. If this is the case, you want to make sure you consider not only the comfort of your home office but also the technical side, taking into account things like rv internet options and a large enough power supply.

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Make It Colorful

There are many different opinions when it comes to what colors are best used in an office environment. Some say that the more neutral and natural the better because it promotes calm and tranquility, whereas others says that a splash of color is a good idea as it encourages the brain to work faster. The important thing is to make sure your office is a color you enjoy being around. Start with this in mind and work from there. Some prefer a bright and cheerful color such as lime green or sunny yellow, and others find that they are happier when surrounded by deep, dark purples and blues. What works for one won’t work for all, so do what makes you smile (and keeps you productive).

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Have Enough Storage

It’s good to be able to tidy everything away at the end of the day, especially if your office is not a room to itself but is actually a small part of another room that the rest of the household want to use. That’s where having enough storage comes in; the more storage you have the better, because that way you always know where everything is. Whether you have invested in the best headphones for mixing, a state of the art laptop, have important documents that must not be mislaid, or anything else, being able to store them all away when you’re not using your office space is a good idea, just in case anything were to happen to them. 

Get A Good Chair

Sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long period of time can cause pain in the shoulders, neck, wrists, arms, hips, and back. In extreme cases this can even mean having to take time off work. Although ergonomically designed chairs are more expensive, they will last a long time and they won’t leave you in pain either.

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5 Office Design Trends That Help Boost Productivity

Are you redecorating your office space at home or at your workplace? Here are some ingenious office decorating trends that could help you work and feel better!

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Modern office spaces are nothing like the cold, alienating workspaces we see in vintage movies. In many ways, we have young entrepreneurs and designers to thank for the office design switching from discouraging fun to using it as one of the main sparks of creativity and productivity. Modern offices are all about open, inviting layouts and mobility. Long gone are the cubicles, with more and more companies opting in for an open floor plan.

If you think workers having fun can be counterproductive, you are sorely mistaken. New designs have proven to boost productivity and make work less of a chore and more of a place to be. In this article, we’ll share some of the most inspiring modern office design trends that are sure to increase productivity and motivate your employees to come to work with a smile every day.

Freeform Lounge Zones

You should create lounge zones to help employees relax better while on their break. Your employees should be able to use the space to chat, read the latest news or just rest their eyes. Your lounge area should invite workers to rest when they need to, not create the opposite effect and chase them away.

The message here is that taking breaks during work is not a bad thing. Sometimes, employees need breaks to recharge their batteries after hours of staring at a screen. While it might seem counterproductive, encouraging breaks has proven to increase productivity. A good employer knows that working longer doesn’t necessarily mean working better.

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Flexible Furniture

Workers are generally more productive in flexible working conditions like flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. But flexibility does not need to stop there. Flexible furniture like modular pieces or adjustable sit-stand desks are bound to increase productivity. The number of combinations are only limited by your imagination. You could also add mobile walls, so workers can have privacy when they feel like it quickly and easily.

Use the Right Colors

It is a well-known fact that colors can boost productivity at the workplace. But you have to know which colors to use and where. For example, blue is generally considered as a productivity booster that helps employees concentrate. It is therefore a great color to paint your office walls and use to accentuate desks. On the other hand, green does not tire the eyes and is therefore a great way to create your dream office space. Yellow can help boost creativity and is great for a designer’s office while red stimulates blood flow and invokes emotion and is therefore a great color to draw the eye to something important in the office.

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Create Shared Workstations

Some people prefer to work alone, while others thrive in groups. That’s why you should give everyone the opportunity to work in an environment that fits them. To that end, consider adding shared workstations for teams that work better together. This should be an area where teams can brainstorm or work together away from their own workstations. Creating shared workstations is also a great way to free up space in your home, and create one office space for everyone.

Add More Plant Life

Plants are also one decorating detail more and more modern offices are adding to their décor. And for a good reason. Plants have been proven to increase productivity by a staggering 12 percent according to a study conducted by the Washington State University. But even without this handy boost, plants are a mandatory addition to every office as they breathe in a breath of fresh air and liven up a room.

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How Decorating with Floral Wallpaper will Transform Your Home for Summer

Decorate your home for the summer season with a new design trend: floral wallpaper! Here’s exactly how and why you should be jumping on the band wagon!

We all love learning about new decorating trends and since the summer season is quickly approaching, it’s time to pop something colorful into your home. Floral kitsch wallpaper may have been in style in the 60s, but trends always come and go… and come back in style! This summer, roll out some floral wallpaper and make a statement in your home. Here’s why and how you should be decorating your home with this exciting trend!

Create a Statement Wall

Putting up floral wallpaper throughout your whole space may seem a little much, but wallpapering just one wall in your home will look just as beautiful! Creating a statement wall with colorful, floral wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring color, light, and energy into your home. Think about wallpapering just one wall in your kid’s room right where natural light hits to showcase a beautiful print in all it’s glory.

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Use it In Your Office

We all know that working from home can make you feel unmotivated, glum, and uninspired. That’s why I’m always looking for new ways to bring my office to life and create a space that inspires. This white washed office was pretty plain before this wallpaper installation. Matching the chairs and storage boxes to the colors swatches in the wallpaper really tied the whole look together. It’s important to make your wallpaper match your room, so a good way is to take color swatches from the wallpaper and use it for the rest of your decorating. Match up your curtains, upholstery fabric, accessories, and finishing touches to make your decorating look seamless.

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If you are lucky enough, you may even be able to find fabric in the same print as your wallpaper. Take advantage of something like this and use it to create cushions and simple curtains to make your room look customized and put together.

Liven Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with your decor and try something out of the ordinary. The greatest thing about trying a new wallpaper or wall color in the bathroom is that pretty much anything will work in this space. Why? Since there is not much furniture and fabrics in your bathroom, it’s pretty easy to make a crazy wallpaper work great with no competition. This white bathroom looks colorful and positive thanks to this drop dead gorgeous “granny floral” wallpaper instalment. If you are afraid to take the plunge elsewhere, take a risk in your bathroom – you definitely will not be disappointed.

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Use Floral Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

To add an extra pop of color, use floral wallpaper in unexpected places like this cute reading nook. I like to wallpaper the inside of my drawers or the inside of bookshelves with colorful vintage wallpapers for a pop of color! Experiment with different prints and don’t be afraid of adding some color to your home. Floral wallpapers are the perfect thing to add some color, energy, and vibes to your home this summer.

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Home Office Decoration

For the Home Office decoration, which can be prepared a major motivating environment. For this you need not to keep anything in the room while the concentration distributor. Those who want to move to the Home Office working system can provide a spacious environment utilizing the energy of pastel colors as decoration. You can also benefit from the serenity of the energy of orange and wooden furniture. Grey, you can remove permanent work starting from the inner world of black and brown breeze. One is so important in lighting, it can take advantage of white light in tabletop accessories. Both excessively forming a dispersion, and document your work with a dashboard that you want to stand in front of the eyes will be fixed on the wall, you can eliminate.

Home Office Decoration


You should avoid the negative energy that colors and objects, warm, spacious, and you must provide a workable environment. If your area by little the light tone of instruments, creating a portable table and library, two wardrobes or from the door behind you, you can create an effective working area in a small space, you can provide a casual look with light shades of objects and you can get a suitable space to write. Symmetrical wall shelves, a large desk, an area dominated by the pink and turquoise

Home Office Decoration1

Home Office Decoration2

Home Office Decoration3


Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris

Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris

Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris

Olympia Le-Tan has become an household name in the fashion industry, she is the daughter one of the most popular French illustrators- Pierre Le-Tan. Born in London but raised in Paris, Olympia can be described as a self-taught fashion designer who is fluent in both English and French but she always call herself a Briton. Olympia started her fashion career at the famous Chanel design studio, and has also worked for famous designers including Gilles Dufour before she decided to start her own design company. Her eponymous accessories label was the first job she had to do alone and that was in 2009. The accessories label combines embroidery with literature- these are two traits she learnt from her grandmother.

Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris


The purpose of setting up Olympia Le-Tan shop is to create special handbags and minaudieres; these are limited edition handbags that were hand-made in France, making them unique and trendy. Olympia Le-Tan’s accessories are sold in more than 80 shops worldwide and the new shop opened in Paris will even make her works more accessible to locals and tourists all over the world.  Olympia’s accessories brand has a signature book- Clutch and this has been on several shows including; Tilda Swinton, and Natalie Portman.

Olympia Le-Tan has a wide range of ready to wear accessories and handbags, her embroidered clutches have several literary undertones ,  these literary works include those of famous literary themes like; “Dracula”, and “Catcher in the Rye”. Olympia has also decided to showcase her father’s illustration by producing read-to-wear clothing with such fascinating works. Some of the popular illustrations you can find on Olympia Le-Tan’s collection of clothes include; vegetable collections, and rows of sailors. Her whimsical store in Paris is located in a two-storey building close to the popular Palais Royal , in Paris.

Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris

The new Olympia Le-Tan store in Paris is located in a prim space, she has her father decorated the shop with some Pink Dollhouse colour, while adding his signatures all around the shop to create a more unique  attraction. The purple miniature sofas in the shop are quite welcoming and comfortable, while the walls were perfectly fitted with hand-made pink fabrics that are monogrammed with her hand. The shop is perfectly fitted with customized a rug that has her father’s illustrations, while the sculptural racks that holds her clothing and some accessories were designed by Marc Newson.

Olympia Le-Tan store offers numerous deals and discounts for her clients; first of all, you can get up to 50% off on prices of ready-to-wear fashion accessories. The Winter and fall ready to wear collections include the “I put a spell on you “ collection which is a wonderful and fascinating collection for those who love mystical themes. Other popular collections you can find at Olympia Le-Tan’s shop in Paris include; Housewife choice accessories, and “a girl in every port” collection. Popular fabrics in her collection also include; Velvets, college stripes, and Liberty prints. Olympia Le-Tan opens her shop from Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 7pm.


Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris


Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris Olympia Le-Tan opens a new shop in Paris