How Winter Prep Makes For a Glamorous Summer Garden

How Winter Prep Makes For a Glamorous Summer Garden

Start planning your garden now if you want to have a flourishing beautiful garden come summer. Here’s how!

Surveying your garden over the winter months can be depressing. Everything looks dreary and bedraggled, there’s no colour to speak of, your favourite plants have died back and your carefully nurtured lawn probably looks boggy and dishevelled. But don’t be disheartened. As long as you are prepared to brave the cold and wet, the winter months are actually the ideal time to start your garden makeover so everything looks stunning come the summer. A little hard work now will reap huge rewards a few months down the line.

Here are some pro tips from professional landscape supplier Suregreen for what you can do in your garden over the winter to guarantee a stunning outdoor space once the weather starts to warm up.

Plan Your New Look Layout

While your garden might look empty over the winter, the lack of vegetation actually makes it the ideal time to redesign the layout. Being able to see the whole space without plants obscuring the view makes it much easier to visualise a brand new look and plot where you want to create new planting areas, features, seating options and so on.

Create New Spaces

Once you have drawn up where you would like everything to go, it is time to get your hands dirty and dig in. While you can’t do much from a planting perspective before late February / early March, what you can do is make sure all your flower beds and containers are in place and well prepped with a good mix of compost and top soil, ready for the start of spring.

This is definitely the time to build new raised beds. Stonework and brick can be used to construct mini walls to create an area you can then fill with compost. But an easier option is to buy railway sleepers. These robust timber slabs make a great looking feature in any garden and compared to brick or stone have the advantage of being much easier to move and rearrange.

Look to Your Verticals

Gardeners are very good working at ground level and achieving beautiful results, but the very best gardens function in 3D. Think also about how you could use empty wall or fence spaces to add to the overall effect of your garden vertically. Adding mesh to garden fencing gives you the option to trail climbing and creeping plants further down the line to give everything an extra lush, verdant feel, while wall containers and hanging baskets can be used to create stunning aerial displays.

Get Creative with Your Features and Accessories

The very best gardens are often those with a very obvious touch of the owner’s personality about them. One great way to personalise your outdoor spaces is to take the time to make your own planters, ornaments and features. If you are a crafty sort of person, this can be a wonderful outlet for your creative side. Use the winter months to get collecting all the materials you might need – old wooden crates and tyres for containers, woodcuts to make signs and models, cool looking stones to build a rockery, whatever takes your fancy. Your imagination really is the only limit.

Rejoice A Memorable Day of Love with Fantastic Valentine’s Gifts

Rejoice A Memorable Day of Love with Fantastic Valentine’s Gifts

If you have a loved one, then make this Valentine’s day memorable for her by giving some joyous moments of the day!

Here we have some fantastic Valentine’s gifts to rejoice a lover’s day with your beloved partner!

Chocolates Bouquet for Her

When it is a day of lovers, then you should plan some unique gifts for your loving girlfriend. The best option is to give some sweet moments with her favorite chocolates and candies. You can also make a beautiful presentation of chocolates to impress her. A chocolate bouquet will be one of the best Valentine gifts for her to show your romantic feelings. Her favorite chocolates will make her mood refreshed and some pleasuring moments of the day. You can also add a love note to show your gratitude for being with you in life.

Valentine’s Flowers Basket

If you want to deliver your heartfelt message of love, then you should go with a basket of Valentine’s flowers for her. You can order a beautiful bouquet of red roses online to make your basket more adorable. Add other bright blooms to give some unforgettable moments of the day. You can even complement with a love letter to convey your undying feelings on this Valentine’s day. It will be a fantastic idea to win her heart with such blooming flowers. She will feel awesome getting such basket of love and affection from your side.

Personalized Teddy with Love Band

A teddy is one of the all-time favorite toys of girls. If she loves soft teddies, then surprise her by dedicating a personalized teddy on this Valentine’s day. You can send her a cute plush teddy personalized with her memorable photo. Try to choose a big sized teddy that will always remain in her living room. You can also make a love band especially engraved with your name initials to mark this lover’s day. It will give a great feeling of your endearment that will last forever.

Prepare a Designer Cake

If you want to win her heart with some delightful moments, then surprise her with a designer cake on this Valentine’s day. The first step is to choose a beautiful design and flavors according to her particular taste to decorate the cake. You can even order a tasty Valentine’s day cake online to celebrate the bond of love with her. An attractive cake will be helpful to strengthen your deep relationship with your lady love. You can also take snaps of the cake cutting ceremony to rejoice the memorable day of togetherness.

Gifts for Her Beauty

Most of the girls expect something special from their beloved ones. You can also plan out of the box gifts for your girlfriend. Take a basket in which you can add all the beauty products that she regularly uses at home. It can be the best idea to please her with such a valuable gift. If you are not able to buy all these beauty products, then you can even purchase spa vouchers to make her feel pampered. Try to give her favorite salon or spa vouchers that she can quickly use in future.

All of these fantastic gifts will be perfect to rejoice another memorable Valentine’s day with your loving partner.

5 Reasons Why CCTV is the Home Security System of Choice

5 Reasons Why CCTV is the Home Security System of Choice

If you are looking to provide some security for your home, look no further than video surveillance. Simply put, installing a few well-placed CCTV cameras around the perimeter is all it takes to keep intruders at bay!

You could invest in a very complex (and costly) home alarm system, but with the ability to monitor and record any unauthorised access, no burglar would ever attempt to gain access to a property with CCTV installed. If you are yet to be convinced, here are just a few of the reasons why CCTV is the most popular home security solution in Australia today.

The Ultimate Deterrent

Every thief knows full well that CCTV can be used as evidence in a court of law, and while the intruder might be successful in obtaining some valuable goods, he surely knows that the police will soon come calling with a warrant for his arrest. For affordable CCTV installation in Melbourne, a Google search will put you in touch with a local security company, who can assess your home and make suitable recommendations.

Cost Effective Security

You can rely on video surveillance to always be on the job, no matter what the weather is like, and with high resolution night vision cameras, you can rest assured that any attempt at intrusion will be spotted. The cost of the system would largely depend on the area to be covered, and for a typical two storey home, this would be covered by 3 or maybe 4 cameras. Thanks to technological advances, costs have dropped considerably, and by searching online for a nearby supplier, you can receive a provisional quote through their website, although the supplier would wish to inspect your home prior to quoting for the project.

Remote Viewing

We all experience that nagging worry when we are away from home for long periods, and with CCTV installed, you can remotely view the perimeters of your home from your smartphone. This gives you complete peace of mind, as you can see that all is well at home, and all it takes is an Internet connection, along with your username and password to access the system.

Fully Automated

The system records and stores the data on a hard drive that is located within your home, which would run automatically by deleting the earliest footage to allow for further video storage. If you have a basic understanding of computing, you can quickly master how to configure the system, and with round the clock support from the supplier, you can rest assured that your home is secure.

Fit and Forget

Once a video surveillance system is installed, there is nothing more to do, and the system will always be operational, no matter what. Installing quality cameras and equipment will ensure that your home security is always on guard, and there’s really nothing to do in terms of maintenance.

If you would like to have a free quote, simply type in home security CCTV systems into a Google search window and you will have a list of local suppliers.

Everything You Never Knew About Aerating Your Lawn

Everything You Never Knew About Aerating Your Lawn

A green lawn is a beautiful thing, but as you likely already know by now, it takes way more work than you expect to keep it green!

Photos Via: Style Blueprint

Even if you are watering 1.5 inches every week (in the mornings, so your lawn doesn’t become a mildewed swamp), mowing to the exact height of 2.5 inches (with razor-sharp mowing blades, you might add) and sprinkling nitrogen-rich fertilizer every fall, you still probably aren’t doing enough to guarantee a healthy lawn.

That’s because you aren’t aerating, or ensuring that air is getting to your grass’s crown and roots. If this is the first you’re hearing about lawn aeration, read on for all the info you need to know about this mandatory chore.

What Aeration Does

Grass is a plant, and plants don’t have lungs — so why would your lawn need better access to air? The truth is that even though plants don’t have lungs, they do take in nutrients from the air. Most notably, grass (and all plants) use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through photosynthesis; in fact, a 25-square-foot lawn creates enough oxygen to support one person for an entire day, and a 50-square-foot lawn can support a family of four. Thus, it is critical that lawns have sufficient exposure to air, so they can take in enough CO2 to grow healthily and emit the oxygen you need to breathe.

However, aeration provides another crucial function: loosening compacted soil. Over time, the dirt around your lawn’s roots becomes tightly compressed, due to constant use (i.e. you and your family walking on the lawn) or things falling onto it, like tree litter and snow. When this happens, your grass’s roots have a harder time growing through the soil, and water, air and other nutrients are less likely to get absorbed. Thus, it is imperative that you aerate your lawn to ensure your grass has space and access to vital components for health.

What Aeration Is

By now you might accept that aeration is important, but that doesn’t get you any closer to performing it properly on your own lawn. First, you need to understand what the process of aeration entails. At its most basic, aeration is poking holes into your lawn. This will give the soil space to expand, which in turn relieves pressure around the roots. Additionally, the holes allow moisture and air to flow into the soil, improving the grass’s health.

You don’t want the holes to be too big; this will damage your lawn and leave unsightly patches of bare dirt. However, you also don’t want the holes to be too small, or else the effort won’t successfully help your lawn. Also, just a few holes won’t do. Experts say that aeration holes should be between 2 and 3 inches deep, .5 to .75 inches in diameter and 2 to 3 inches apart. It is typical to aerate once per year during the active growing season, which falls in late spring and early summer for most lawns. Still, you want the soil to be plenty moist when you aerate, or your job of punching holes and pulling out plugs will be much more difficult.

What Aeration Needs

Larger lawns generally require more expert care because they have a greater chance of developing unsightly problems. When it comes to aeration, larger lawns usually necessitate the use of large and expensive machines, like core aerators, which can seriously damage your lawn if used improperly. Thus, if you do have a larger patch of grass — and if you are uncomfortable using bulky, noisy machinery — you might want to hire professionals to aerate your lawn for you. Since this task only occurs once per year, it isn’t too costly, and it could save you big on repairs to your lawn in the long term.

If you have a small lawn, you can probably aerate yourself using smaller and more manageable tools. Manual aeration tools include things like pitchforks and shoe spikes; these allow you to walk around your lawn and drive holes where you see fit. You can also rent machinery from your local hardware store, but you should real the manual before operation to prevent harm to your lawn or you.

Aeration is one of those tasks that most homeowners don’t talk about, which means you might not have learned about it before you gained a lawn of your own. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to start aerating your lawn and ensuring the lushest, greenest grass in the neighborhood.

The Ultimate Home Security Solution – Aluminium Roller Shutters

The Ultimate Home Security Solution – Aluminium Roller Shutters

If you are looking for the ultimate home security system, forget CCTV and the latest home alarm systems, as the answer lies squarely in bespoke aluminium roller shutters!

You might be thinking that roller shutters will turn your home into Fort Knox, and while this might have been the case a few years ago, todays sleek systems blend in perfectly.

Made to Measure

Forget off the shelf solutions, as the slimline aluminium roller shutters are made to millimetre accurate dimensions, which means they will fit like a glove. Bespoke solutions ensure that all the units are perfectly sized for the openings, and with a range of attractive colours, your security system will actually enhance the look of your home. Whether you’re looking for roller shutters in Melbourne or Sydney, all it takes to make contact with a supplier is an online search, and with their help, you can design the perfect security system that is always on guard, 24-7. It matters not the shape of your windows, as bespoke solutions allow for any size or shape to be fabricated, and with the doors included, your home becomes impenetrable.

Added Bonus

Installing roller shutters adds an extra layer of home insulation, as well as better home security making your home cooler in the summer, while helping to retain the heat during the colder months. Aside from this amazing thermal insulation, roller shutters also add significant sound insulation, making it ideal when you want some peace and quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Many shift workers have discovered the many benefits of installing roller shutters for this very reason, and no matter what unsocial hours you work, you are guaranteed a sound sleep at any time of day or night.


Those long hot summers cam really destroy furniture, with strong sunlight coming in through the windows, yet with roller shutters, you can eliminate unwanted sunlight, something your furniture and carpets will appreciate. Windows in rooms that are not used can have the shutters closed, which helps keep the interior cooler, while protecting the furniture.

Auto Locking Mechanism

There’s no chance of forgetting to lock the shutter units, as they incorporate an auto locking mechanism that comes into play when the units are closed, making sure that your home is always secure when you are out. As far as deterrents go, there’s no better way to discourage a thief than installing roller shutters, as any opportunist will simply walk away when they see the shutters in position. The units have been vigorously tested and it is virtually impossible to gain access through a locked shutter, and unless you are storing the Crown Jewels under your bed, no thief would ever contemplate trying to break in.

Professional Installation

As with replacement windows and doors, the installation is a critical component, and with a team that have worked together on all sorts of domestic installations, you are in good hands. The units are fabricated in the factory, and with all the equipment onboard their vehicle, it doesn’t take long to install the units. When looking at potential suppliers, make sure the company directly employ their installation teams, which pretty much guarantees a professional installation. The long product warranty is a reflection of the quality, and with a professional fitting, your roller shutters will perform for many years.

Roller shutters offer a lot more than security, as you have fine adjustment of shade and if you want to blackout the living room to watch that epic movie, just close the shutters. If you would like to explore the potential of bespoke aluminium roller shutters, all it takes is an online search.