5 Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

It has always been challenging to pick the great paint colors. Why it happens that our bedroom or living room looks odd even when the furniture placed is too costly and the curtains are of high quality? This may be because your color scheme or the paint shades aren’t attractive enough. One needs to make sure that he chooses only the most vibrating or classic colors to be painted in the room to enhance its overall beauty.

Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Instead of being attracted to only one product, it is better to make the selection from the so many varieties and paint colors available in the markets. Here we have shared some of the 5 best tips for picking paint colors.

Tip#1: Start Small

If you are unsure of where to begin the color selection, consider doing an experiment in a powder room or any of your bathrooms of the house. You can even create a 3D model of the room (if possible) on computer. Start small to get big results. If you are planning to do your own painting, then it is better that you consult an expert before choosing an area for paint. Sooner you get advice, better are your chances to be happy with a pleasant-looking change.

Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Tip#2: Think about Your Mood

It is obvious that we will select a paint color as per the mood and expectations. It is often seen that the boys give preference to bluish colors, while the girls are in love with reddish and pinkish shades. What you choose for the walls of your room is all dependent on your mood. In a bedroom, the colors have to be soft, cool and neutral because this is where you will be sleeping and spending much of your spare time. So, those glittering and so shiny colors would not be suitable.

Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Tip#3: Pay Attention to Proper Lighting

Often we ignore proper lightening which has to match the colors of our room paints. For example, if your room is of dark green color, then it will look less-brighter until the light of the room is higher than normal level. Usually it is observed that the light paint colors naturally give a feel of being in a spacious and appealing room. But this doesn’t mean the dark shades aren’t good. You just have to maintain a balance between your paint color and proper room lightening.

Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Tip#4: Intensity of Colors

The intensity of paint colors plays a key role in the overall impression of your home. In other words we can say that intensity is the brilliance of the colors. The pure colors like red and green can be combined with the mixed colors such as yellow, pink, or orange to create a strong intensity. This way, your rooms will look dominating and highly appealing.

Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Tip#5: Test Your Color Choice

Before you make a selection, boost your confidence through color testing. This can be done on a plain poster board or an area of your large wall. Don’t be afraid if your selection hasn’t been wonderful. This is, in fact, good because you will get to know what kind of vivid or soft colors will be most appropriate for a particular area of your house.

Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

The paint colors account for 60% of the overall charm and attraction of our homes. Both for indoor and outdoor environment, the colors have to be chosen wisely and after proper and through thinking. What do you feel about it?

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