Kaley Tyne Johnson: Interior Design Trends for the Home for 2022

Keep your home on top of the latest trends with these decor must-haves designers are loving for 2022!

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An alumna of the New York School of Interior Design, Kaley Tyne Johnson is a freelance interior designer who travels the world working with clients, operating predominantly in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Few environments are as important as the home, providing a backdrop for joyful holiday celebrations, unforgettable family occasions and some of life’s most memorable moments. From vibrant color schemes and a resurgence of classic styles to technological innovations, this article explores interior design predictions for 2022.

Traditional Meets Contemporary

Classic designs never go out of style. Speaking with Cision, designers from Taylor Morrison Home Corp predicted that homeowners would continue to mix traditional design elements, such as rich wood tones and colorful patterned wallpaper, with contemporary pieces.

As Las Vegas-based designer Laurie Jiu suggests, since people are staying in their home longer, they are opting for a look that will not go out of style quickly. Taylor Morrison’s professionals advocate investing in classic and timeless staple pieces, using trendy accent pieces to refresh the look, in order to combat an everchanging trend cycle.

Traditional details are one of 2022 interior design trends and are likely to enjoy a continued resurgence over the coming months. After all, with so much change and disruption since the start of the pandemic, it is no surprise that increasing numbers of people crave a sense of timelessness, comfort and nostalgia in their homes.

Changing Priorities

With families all over the world spending more time at home throughout the pandemic, homebuyers have increasingly prioritized comfort and functionality in home design. Brian Juedes is Vice President of Product Design at Taylor Morrison. He explains that, in a post-pandemic world, more customers want homes with increased outdoor spaces, bigger kitchens, more bulk storage, expanded everyday entry zones, and more areas dedicated to working and studying from home.

Elements Inspired by Nature

Also triggered by COVID-19, many people have developed a new-found appreciation of nature, seeking to reconnect with the natural world and recreate its calming influence in their homes.

Natural surfaces like marble, terracotta, stoneware and travertine are currently one of the hottest interior design trends across the board, from furniture and bathtubs to decorative ornaments. The rugged, imperfect nature of organic materials such as these adds interest, soul and depth, recreating the calming, restorative ambiance of the natural world.

Designer Nicole McCall explains that buyers have been bringing in crystals and pinecones as inspiration, asking them to design their homes around these items. A desire to reconnect with nature has also sparked a surge in interest in large trees for the home, from magnolias to the black olive.

Vibrant Colors

Working in collaboration with Sherwin-Williams, Taylor Morrison compiled its 2022 Color Collection. Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year is Evergreen Fog.

Green has become an increasingly popular addition to color schemes as homeowners seek to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature, recreating the soothing influences of the great outdoors in their own homes.

Lee Crowder, National Director of Design and Model Experience for Taylor Morrison, pointed out that Evergreen Fog could exist harmoniously with others colors such as Snowbound, Warm Wicker and Dark Night, or stand strong on its own, meaning it could be woven into the color scheme of any home.

Tactile Textures

Founder of The Expert, Jake Arnold explains that his clients are exploring different types of patterned jute, abaca and rush this year as a way to expand the neutral foundation that a rug provides, playing around with patterns to add more depth and texture to spaces.

3D Art

Lauren Behfarin of Lauren Behfarin Design predicts a push towards 3D art in the months ahead, explaining that with people continuing to spend more time in their homes, they will seek to add life, whimsey and intrigue to flat wall space. As Behfarin points out, art that pops right off the wall – which can be configured in different ways – is likely to become increasingly popular in 2022.

Technological Transformation

Technology has had a revolutionary impact on the construction, design and operation of modern homes. Thanks to the company’s partnership with GE Appliances, Taylor Morrison’s customers can now set the dishwasher from the squash court, or start the laundry without leaving the workplace. Enabling homeowners to control appliances via their mobile phones is a game-changer, freeing up the valuable time of homeowners and making their lives easier.


3 Design Trends to Modernize Your House

Make your house look trendy this season with some of our favorite interior design trends!

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Upgrading your home to meet the latest trends can be equated to going shopping for clothing to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends of the season. Luckily, interior décor trends do not change as often as fashion does, and neither do structural ones, else it would be too costly to keep up. As technology advances, upgrading your home to the current standards of modernization is a welcome idea.

That said, I’m sure you’d like to achieve this with minimal physical damage to the existing structure and without having to rob a bank. Here are our top 3 design trends from which you can borrow inspiration.

1. Let the Light In

Modernize your home by bringing in additional light and giving your space a new lease of life. You’d be surprised how much airy your house will feel with more illumination. Poorly lit spaces tend to feel cramped up and can negatively affect your emotional state. On the contrary, well-lit areas are inviting and keep your creative juices flowing. With more opportunities to work remotely, you want to recreate your home to enhance your productivity and not drain the energy out of you.

There are several ways you can brighten up your home, depending on your budget and how extra you want to get. For starters, you can recreate a wall on one side of the house that would offer a lovely view and interchange brick with glass. The effect of the ceiling to floor windows is not only contemporary, but it brings life into your space without an additional monthly utility bill. Check out some modern house plans to get inspired.

Another alternative is to add lighting or upgrade your entire lighting system. This could be anything from hanging downlighters to strategically placed lamps, either table or floor, to replacing the traditional, outdated ceiling lights with contemporary masterpieces.

2. Landscape Your Lawn

Landscaping your lawn may not give you an instant wholesome result, especially when it comes to planting trees, flowers, and other beneficial shrubs as they take time to grow. However, it will greatly enhance your curb appeal. Often, we do not pay too much attention to the yard until you drive past a beautifully manicured, well-thought-out landscaped yard in the neighborhood and realize what a significant difference it makes.

There are many benefits to landscaping, more so if you carry out most of the work yourself since you’ll be building your hand strength, reducing stress, and exercising your entire body, thus, improving your overall health. Additionally, with an aesthetically appealing outdoor area, your quality of life will improve. Plants are beneficial to the water and air around and provide a cooler environment while preventing soil erosion. These are just some of the benefits.

You can engage a variety of landscaping techniques like layering the heights of trees and plants, blending in flowers that complement each other, and using cobblestones, gravel or bricks to demarcate the driveway. Visit a garden center near you, and they will advise which plants go well together.

3. Create an Alfresco Area

There’s nothing as beautifully relaxing in the presence of nature with a chilled glass of your favorite beverage on a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon with a couple of friends. It’ll be beneficial to have a space created that brings you peace and calm, a great hideaway when you want time away from the kids or your home office or when you want to read a book and relax.

You can create an outdoor room that’s either permanent or temporary, depending on how much you are willing to spend and what resources you have readily available. If there aren’t any financial limitations, you can install a pergola and furnish it tastefully.

Final Thoughts

Modernizing your home is not as complicated and financially engaging as you may imagine. Once you embark on the finer details, decide what changes you would like to make, and get the necessary quotations, you’ll probably wonder why you had to wait so long. People are spending more time at home, and keeping your sanity is critical. Having a home you are comfortable with and look at with pride will put you in the right mind space to achieve all.


Dress up your Walls with Some of these Easy Wall Décor Ideas

Making your walls stand out is easier than you think! Here are some ways you can dress up your walls even when you’re on a budget!

There is nothing worse than having a blank white wall in your home that adds zero character to your home’s decorating. It’s time right now to dress up your home’s blank walls to add some energy, life, and color into your home! We’ve scoured the web for some easy ways that you can spruce up your walls in no time! Keep reading!

Floating Shelves

Installing floating shelves is an easy way to add a creative touch to a blank wall. Not only on floating shelves can you pleace some of your favorite books, but you can also put some of your prized possessions on display. Souvenirs, picture frames with your family and friends, and unique finds from the marketplace are all creative ways to dress up an otherwise boring wall. You can make your own floating shelves or you can purchase IKEA’s famous Lack floating shelves that are so affordable and versatile it’s hard to pass up on!

Install Some Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is a smart way to add some texture and style to a blank wall. You can easily use reclaimed wood, molding, bricks, you name it – as a beautiful option to customize a room! Whether you are looking for a more classical decorating theme, or something more rustic, with wall paneling you can achieve this. I am a fan of a more refined decorating style, and I love using wall paneling and moldings to create wainscoting, picture frame moldings, high baseboards, etc. However if you are looking for a more rustic theme you can use stained or antiqued pieces of wood installed onto a wall to create a beautiful feature wall that will add warmth and make your space look cozy.

Create a Saloon Wall

If you don’t know what a saloon wall is it’s simply a wall with art work, prints, and photos all hung up in different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are really no rules when it comes to making a saloon wall. Creativity here is key, and this is a fun project you can do with your family and friends. When it comes to art prints consider ordering online as you can find beautiful artwork for very affordable prices.

Use an Oversized Mirror

Hang an oversized mirror on a blank wall to make your space look twice as large and dress up that plain wall! Oversized mirrors are one of my favorite tricks in the book when it comes to increasing the amount of light in a room, making a space look insanely huge, and using up a blank space stylishly! Oversized mirrors don’t have to be hung up on the wall if they are too large, you can just lean them on the wall or even lean them on a buffet table propped up against the wall. This is an easy decorating a trick that requires absolutely no work and can be done in minutes.


Why Wide Plank Flooring Is A Growing Trend!

Wide plank flooring is one of the most luxurious flooring trends happening now. Keep reading to see why you should consider it for your home!

Hickory flooring – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

When it comes to flooring, wide plank floors are one trend we don’t see fading away any time soon. In fact, these stunning floors continue to grow in popularity. Wide plank floors not only look glamorous, they also are a smart update to traditional wood flooring, carpet and tile. They make your space look larger and more refined, while giving off a modern-day vibe that’s hard not to fall in love with! Here are some ways you can use wide plank flooring to make your home look updated and gorgeous for 2021:

Pair Wide Plank Floors With Minimalist Design

If you are a fan of minimalist decor, wide plank floors are the perfect choice to pair with this design style. We recommend choosing a color palette of white, off whites, and creamy hues for walls and furniture. You can find beautiful white comfy sofas like Restoration Hardware’s famous “cloud couch” that look great in just about any home.

Rift and Quartersawn White Oak flooring – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

If you are worried that your white space will look too sterile, combine creamy hues in your design like a plush rug and bench. Choose warm-hued wide plank flooring to match your new palette. Then, mix in the same hues but with different textures. Fur throws and pillows are bound to make your space look welcoming, clean, and modern.

White Oak flooring with a Whitewash finish – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

If you would like to add some fun and color into your design, there is no better way to do it than with boldly hued pillows, accessories, and modern artwork in bright, vibrant hues. The bigger the artwork the better, so make sure to find large, statement-making pieces for your walls that will command attention when people enter the room.

White Oak flooring – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Add Warmth to Your Home

Wide plank flooring is one of the best ways to bring a sense of warmth and coziness to a space. A room that would otherwise appear cold and sterile quickly can be transformed into a space that looks inviting and beautiful with wide plank flooring.

If you are thinking about maintaining a streamlined design aesthetic, wide plank flooring is your best bet. It comes in a multitude of wood species, shades, and finishes, which makes it super easy to find the perfect match for your home. There is something about this flooring that harmonizes everything in a space and makes it look put together and on-trend.

Ash flooring in a matte finish – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Wide Plank Flooring Brings the Outdoors In

When designing a space, I always try to find ways to bring the outdoors inside. Wide plank flooring does just that, as it imparts an element of nature and an organic feel to your decorating. If you need to find a way to soften the look of your decor, this flooring option is at the top of my list to do just that. Rather than use tiles or cold flooring options such as concrete, instead go with wide plank flooring. Trust us – you won’t look back!

Now that you have read some of our top reasons as to why you should install wide plank flooring in your home, it’s time to start preparing for your home renovations. Let us know if you already have wide plank flooring in your home or if you are thinking about installing it. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!


Feng Shui Your Home Office with Furniture At Work®

In the current climate, with most of the world still reeling from coronavirus and many people working from home rather than the office, it is more important than ever before to know how to create a workspace in the home that inspires productivity!

All Photos By: Unsplash

Functional advice includes investing in an ergonomic chair, setting your desk at the correct height, and ensuring the lighting quality is good. However, to create a space that is inspiring, harmonious, and promotes positive energy, feng shui can help in designing the perfect home office. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice designed to generate balance. The name translates literally as ‘wind water’, these being the two elements associated with good health and good fortune. The philosophy can be used to create an organised, well set out workspace that promotes efficiency, innovation and motivation, as well as being enjoyable to spend time in.

The position of furniture plays a key part in good feng shui decorating. The ‘commanding’ position, which is the one we want to cultivate while working, requires placing the desk in such a way that it is not close to the door and so you do not have your back to the door when seated. Ideally, you should also not be facing a wall, but if this is not possible, then the wall you are facing should be covered with inspiring artwork, so it ‘disappears’. Furniture At Work sells a wide range of home office desks to help its customers fit into the perfect space.

Feng shui decorating is partially about getting rid of clutter. Having a cluttered home traps negative energy and causes distractions, which in turn leads to a lack of productivity. Taking the time to organise the home office space so that everything has a place and everything is in its place can make a huge difference to the ambience. Getting rid of all unnecessary items and ensuring all essential items are stored properly can help create the right atmosphere. Location also plays a role in the harmony of a home office. Good feng shui practice is to locate the home office as far away from the bedrooms as possible. If there can be a separate entrance, so much the better, but even where this is impossible, having some distance between places of work and places of sleep helps create balance.

Function should be the primary focus of a home office and the furniture within should reflect this. Part of getting rid of clutter involves only selecting pieces of furniture that are necessary, practical and functional. A good, ergonomic office chair is vital to maintain good posture. Furniture At Work stocks one of the UK’s largest ranges of home office chairs to help its customers find the chair that best suits their posture and home office space. Besides a desk and chair, a home office really only requires storage, not lots of unnecessary items of furniture.

The quality of the light and the air in a room can have a strong influence on mood and productivity. Choosing a space that lets in the maximum amount of natural light during the hours you will most often be working can help you feel more relaxed and positive throughout the working day. Plants can also help improve air quality while helping to get rid of any remaining negative energy in the room.