The top 10 staircases of 2014

Woodblock-House-by-dRMM_dezeen_2sq The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_1sq images images (2) images (3) images (4) images (5) images (1) House-in-Byobugaura-by-Takeshi-Hosaka_dezeen_sq Atelier-Data-combines-wood-concrete-and-cork-for-Varatojo-House-facade-_dezeen_sq Architects enjoy  creative staircases and that is why smooth curves and twisting corkscrews are fast becoming the new trend in stair case designs. Here are some of the best top staircases designed in the year 2014.

The cast concrete staircase of A1 house and studio in Czech republic

The is definitely one of the most innovative from among the top 10 staircases of 2014. This is a twisting cast-concrete staircase designed at a 200 year old cottage and it has been remodeled to suit a modern studio in Prague, Czech republic. The staircase creates an intersection between an old-stone building and simply curves under the sides of the staircase.

The Sculptural U-shape staircase

This is sculptural U-shape staircase designed in a Portuguese apartment. The apartment is made to rest over a geometric shape floor, with lots of thick wooden threads and balustrades.

The cartoon styled wood-grain staircase

This staircase is found in a woodblock house in London , and it comes with a cartoon-design wood-grain prints. The artistic characters are the key woodmark graphics that is primarily a timber staircase having several blends of rainbow colours.

The handrail staircase in Garcia’s house , Mexico

This staircase only has an handrail on the upper section and it was designed for a home in Mexico where the owners are couples without any kids. It includes a pre-cast concrete that links the first floor to the ground . The staircase simply twists back to itself.

The steel corkscrew staircase in Japan

This staircase is quite straightforward in design , however , its movement over the trough-shaped floors with the addition of ramped floor slabs , make the staircase more fascinating. There are circular holes in the mid-section for some sloppy effect.

The twisting viewpoint staircase in Netherlands

The twisting viewpoint staircase is one of the best top 10 staircase of 2014. It has a twisting structure that transforms into an observation point and overlooks the Dutch National Park.

The minimal staircase of Varatojo house, Portugal

This is a minimal staircase that has several wooden planks that are cantilevered from the stair walls. It provides an aesthetic structural facade with some stunning stairway sleepers.


The recycled wood staircase at Canberra’s Hotel Hotel

There is no better way of using recycled way that the staircase of Hotel Hotel in Australia’s Canberra. The grand staircase at the hotel’s lobby is made from thousands of recycled wood which are primarily glue-laminated timber woods. The frame of the staircase is illuminated to make it appear more stunning.

The white steel staircase in indungate apartment in Oslo

The white steel structure is suspended in the center of the building, and it is completed with several pieces of wooden furniture. It comes with chest drawers and window seats.

The elastic stair case in the Netherlands

This staircase was designed by NEXT Architects and the staircase features some Corten steel structures. It extends as a continuous pathway however it is quite long that it is almost impossible to walk its entire length. This continuous staircase is quite disillusioned in nature.



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