5 Best Apps to Solve Any Color Challenge

In a world where there is much competition among the people to have well-decorated and beautifully colored homes, the role of applications cannot be ignored. These days there are countless shades of beige alone. We find it too difficult to choose the right wall-colors, curtain colors, and the shades of our furniture. Now with the help of applications, you can come up with matchless and perfect colors to decorate your home awesomely. Here are the 5 best apps to solve any color challenge.

5 Best Apps to Solve Any Color Challenge

5 Best Apps to Solve Any Color Challenge

1. ColorSnap

It is an ideal app for having an idea of the most suitable matching colors. Using ColorSnap, you can virtually “paint” walls by taking a photo of a room, or simply look through paint swatches. It is available for free from the App Store and Google Play. This marvelous app will make it easy for the people to land the best colors for their bedroom walls, living room walls, and other parts of the house.

2. ColorCapture

ColorCapture offers color matches for any photo you’ve taken. Then you can go through the sample color palettes and paint formulas to have an idea of what will actually look superb in your home. This app has a big library of 3,500 colors and various special collections. It is another free application to have from the App Store and Google Play. With this application, you can choose the most suitable colors for the children’s rooms, personal rooms, and backyard etc. So, feel free to download it and enjoy its many features.

3. Coolors

This app is best to find great color combinations. Although it has been originally developed for interior decorators and designers, the Coolors is still nice to have by the homeowners. It has multiple color combinations to explore and get impressive with. This has been an addictive application for many years. See the shade you love the most, click to isolate the color and develop a palette from it. This app doesn’t allow you to have paint recommendations, but will definitely match your requirements. It costs $.99 and is available at the App Store only.

4. Real Colors

With the Real Colors, you can uncover the color palettes from real-life photos. This is a wonderful application for designers and goes beyond your imaginations. The premise is pretty simple: just take a photo and add real colors via a built-in color palette to see how the room will actually look when renovated. In this application, you will not find specific product recommendations, but your local paint dealer can help you get the perfect match. If you are creative enough, you can certainly come up with innovative ideas yourself. This application is free of cost and can be have both from the App Store and Google Play.

5. ColorSmart

The ColorSmast is ideal to find a paint color and figure out the amount you can spend for a room’s decoration. Once the color for a project has been selected, the next step is to calculate how much to buy. This is where ColorSmart shines. Using this app, you can not only get the perfect color matches through paint palettes, but also will have access to an automatic calculating option to have an idea of your expenses. The app is free of cost. It is available at the App Store and Google Play.

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